Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zen Doodling -- ATCs

Finally, I am opening this Tangled Up Blog. Do I hear trumpets? Well no, but it is still an accomplishment to get things scanned picniked and uploaded. So, here goes with something new for me.

Zentangle drawing tends straighten out my brain. I don't know whether that is because it is handedness intense or whether I must concentrate more. Crazyquilting requires problem solving, but it is not intense with repetitive strokes as drawing zentangles.

This is Alice in Wonderland but she looks like she jumped into St. Patrick's Day. Not such a bad choice. Traded

This is a little smaller than most ATCs. It is just the way it turned out. I love all the colors. Traded

The Wish -- Series of Six
Four Wishes for right now. I love this rubber stamp. Perhaps, I should say a series of ten, but I won't. The next set has a different name.

Wish One
-- Traded

Wish Two -- Traded
Wish Three --Traded
Wish Four -- Traded

The Lavender Easter Egg. Kind late or early depending on the way you imagine it. It comes with an envelope, just couldn't resist making another egg. For Trade

This Pink Zendinger has Rhinestones in its most necessary parts. Comes with an envelope, unless you don't want it. For Trade.

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