Monday, May 4, 2009

More Collage, my first attempts

Collage has it's ways. Is the glue the right one? Too much of anything curls the paper and these are a little out of flat. Not very good in a deck of cards. These cityscapes, might have been called, "there was a crooked house."
But here they are.

CityScape 1 - 3 -- Traded

CityScape 2 - 3 -- Traded

CityScape 3 - 3 -- Traded

Various ATCs, with varying ideas and experiments

These are singles, but they are for trade if not marked.

This is a collage with a photo of a lovely piece of silver and what looks looks like mother of pearl. It was fun to decorate.

He said - She Said with Fans
-- Traded

Snookums 3 - 6

Wish Stamp ATCs, ready for trade, finally.

I love to make these head dresses for the child that is this rubber stamp.
She just carries such a load so nicely.
These are available for Trade unless marked.

The Wish 6 - 6

Since the last series with this little girl is one title, I just had to keep going with the same stamp. I really should get another stamp, but it is hard to find just the right ones. So these little number are entitled "Wishes Come True".

Wishes Come True 1 - 6

Wishes Come True 2 - 6 -- Traded

He - She Cards, Art Deco

This Rubber Stamp is fascinating.
Art Deco lends itself well to doodling, there are so many options.
These are all available for trade unless marked.

He - She 3 - 6

He - She 2 - 6

He - She 4 - 6